Feb 6, 2013

I may have one of the silliest ponies ever.

Blizzard has had almost two whole years of wearing a saddle. The first was all ground work such as lunging and the like and the second was all riding, english and western. So I thought it’d be no problem to just slip into her corral and try a saddle on her to see if it fit.

I was wrong.

I guess it really was my fault for absently tapping a rhythm on the bottom of the saddle while I was carrying it towards her corral, but honestly sometimes it’s the most random things that set her off… She freaked, abandoned her hay and wouldn’t come near me for a good while. 

Finally she approached and I haltered the crazy beast and let her sniff the saddle, thinking that was the end of her fright.

Yah. Right.

I set the saddle on her back and she jumped forward and humped her back, crow hopping before I finally got the saddle off of her again. Shaking my head I took off my jacket and began to sack her out. Silly mare finally calmed down and I spent a good while making sure she was fine with my loud jacket before I tried again with the saddle.

And she took it like she didn’t have the faintest care in the world.

Silly pony.